Whose gates are never concealed

A person once said:
Do not ask the son of Adam to fulfill a need,
Ask Him Whose gates are never concealed.
Allah is wrathful when you do not ask Him,
While the son of Adam is angered if you ask him.
Allah, the Mighty and Glorious says;
“Is not He (best) Who answers the one who has been wronged when he calls on Him, and removes the evil?” (27:62)
And aslo;
“And when My servants ask you about Me, I am indeed near (to them); I answer the prayer of every supplicant when he calls on Me.” (2:186)
Taken from; Purification of the soul
Photo taken from; Beautyartislam

Supplications Of A Dead Heart

Ibrahim ibn Adham was asked about the saying of Allah the Exalted,And Your Lord said, Supplicate to me and I will answer your supplication.’ “We supplicate but our prayers are not answered!” He said, “Your hearts have become dead due to ten things – you have known Allah but have not fulfilled His right; you have read the Book of Allah but did not abide by it; you proclaimed enmity of Satan but made him your guardian and protector; you claimed love of the Messenger but you left his path and his Tradition (sunnah); you claimed love of Paradise but you did not work for it; you claimed fear of the Hellfire but did not renounce committing sins; you claimed that you believed that death was a reality but you did not ready yourselves for it; you busied yourselves with the faults of others and neglected your own faults; you eat from the sustenance that Allah provides for you but do not show gratitude; and you bury your dead ones but do not take heed from it.”

Supplication Of Abu Sulayman Al-Darani

It is reported that Abu Sulayman Al-Darani said in his supplication,O my Lord, if you ask me about my many sins, I will surely ask You for Your forgiveness; and if You ask me about my miserliness, I will surely ask You for Your generosity; and if You make me enter Hell, I will inform the people of Hell that I love You.”