Happiness is…

Happiness is not in ones pleasure, but is in the pleasure of Allah.
-Fahed Tarmoom
Photographer; Ghettojack



إن الله تعالى جعل رمضان مضمارا لخلقه ، يتسابقون فيه بطاعته إلى مرضاته ، فسبق قوم ففازوا ، وتخلف آخرون فخابوا ، فالعجب من الضاحك اللاعب في اليوم الذي يفوز فيه المحسنون ، ويخسر فيه المبطلون

“Indeed Allah has made Ramadan a means of gain for His creation. (Within this month) they race to gain His pleasure through obedience to Him. Some individuals will gain (win), while others will remain back and lose. It is amazing to see a person playing and laughing on a day that the good doers will be rewarded, and the wrong doers will be defeated.”
Hasan Al-Basri

And Be Not Deceived

A poet said:
Do you not see how the two ever-­renewables [night and day]
Wear us out, while we jest in secret and in public?
Trust not this world and its pleasures
For its homes are not real homes
And work for your benefit before your death
And be not deceived by the abundance of friends and brothers

Truthfulness Of Love

Truthfulness of love is in three things,
Choosing the speech of the beloved over the speech of others,
Choosing the company of the beloved over the company of others,
And choosing the pleasure of the beloved over the pleasure of others.
– Prophet Muhammad [صلى الله عليه وسلم]