The Life Of This World Was More Insignificant To Them Than Dust

Photographed by Yousry Aref

Al-Hasan Al-Basri said;
I have known people and kept company with groups who neither rejoiced when the things of this world came to them, nor grieved when they lost anything in this world. The life of this world was more insignificant to them than dust. One of them might live for a year or for sixty years without ever having a garment that would entirely cover him, and without ever having anything that would come between him and the ground, and without ever having any food that he could ask to be prepared for him in his own home. When night came, they would be on their feet, with their foreheads flat against the earth, tears rolling down their cheeks, secretly calling on Allah to save them on the Day of Judgement. If they did something good, they never stopped being grateful for it, and were always asking Allah to accept it. If they did something bad, they would be saddened by it, and would keep on asking Allah to forgive them for it. By Allah, they were not safe from wrong actions, and were saved only by their constant turning in repentance. May Allah be pleased with them and grant them His mercy.
Photographer; Yousry Aref

People Advised Each Other Three Things

Ali [رضي الله عنه] said:
People before us used to advice each other of three things – the one who works for his Hereafter, Allah will take care of the matters of his din and dunya for him; and the one who beautifies his inner self, Allah will beautify his appearance; and the one who rectifies that which is between him and Allah, Allah will rectify that which is between him and people.”

Don’t Behave Like Lords | Quote

It is narrated from Imam Malik that he used to say:
Do not behave like lords when looking at the sins of people, but like servants.
Thus have sympathy for those who are being tested, and praise Allah that you are saved (from those trials).
And never say: This belongs to the people of the fire, and this belongs to the people of Paradise.
Do not look down arrogantly on the people of sin, but pray to Allah for their guidance.