Atheist Revert To Islam Shares His Inspiring Story


Shooting Star

By Dustin H

In the collection of Muslim, the following is narrated on the authority of Ibn Abbas:
“Once while the Prophet was among a group of the Helpers, they saw a shooting star. The Prophet (صل الله عليه وسلم) said:What did you used to say in the jahiliya when you saw these? They said:We used to say that some great person has died or some great person has been born.‘ The Prophet said: ‘Verily, these are not thrown for the death of anyone, nor for the life of anyone. Rather whenever our Lord decrees something, the carriers of the Throne praise Him, then the inhabitants of Heaven below them, then those below them, until their praise reaches this lowest heaven. Then, the inhabitants of the seventh heaven ask the carriers of the Throne: What has your Lord said? So they inform them, then the inhabitants of each heaven ask those above them, until the news reaches the lowest heaven. Then the devils try to steal a listen, but these things are thrown at them. (Whatever they get) they send to their allies. That which they deliver as it is, is the truth, but they add to it.
Photographer; Dustin H.