And Be Not Deceived

A poet said:
Do you not see how the two ever-­renewables [night and day]
Wear us out, while we jest in secret and in public?
Trust not this world and its pleasures
For its homes are not real homes
And work for your benefit before your death
And be not deceived by the abundance of friends and brothers

The Blanket Of Bliss

This Dunya…
Is nothing but a blanket of Bliss.
Who took it as their abode,
Surely are the ones lost.
Deception of evil,
Transformed them into puppets.
What’s to it but a moment,
Traded for immortality of joy.
Where the purpose is to worship,
Failed are many.
Creation we are,
To our Creator we’ll return…
-Fahed Tarmoom

“O You who seeks the hand of the dunya!”

A Poet Once said:
O you who seeks the hand of the dunya in marriage! Know that she has a new lover everyday;
She takes a husband now, yet gives herself at the same time to an other elsewhere;
She only accepts lovers so that she may kill them in her bosom one by one;
I have been fooled and the affliction is spreading in my body little by little;
Ready yourself and take provisions for death, for the herald has called: ‘tis time to leave, ‘tis time to leave!