Death Will Certainly Catch Up


The heart of whoever is drowned in the pleasures of this world and its attractions is distracted from remembering death — and if someone mentions death to him, he hates it and runs away from it. As regards such people,         Allah says:
Say: ‘Death from which you are fleeing will certainly catch up with you. Then you will be returned to the Knower of the Unseen and the Visible and He will inform you about what you did.’ – Quran [62:8]

When Hearts Decay

Our hearts decayed like dead,
While knowledge on fiction and fantasy.
Eyes shown a curtained show,
A vision of what’s fed.
Bombs drop like rain,
leaving blood instead of water.
Armored in their fortress,
playing the game of slaughter.
Greed is a curse,
what a curse!
It knows no innocent or weak,
or has feelings or pays heed.
What would satisfy the thirst?
If not death of women and children.
How come we became animals,
and animals became us.
Rotting like rats, feeding on each other.
Fahed Tarmoom

And Be Not Deceived

A poet said:
Do you not see how the two ever-­renewables [night and day]
Wear us out, while we jest in secret and in public?
Trust not this world and its pleasures
For its homes are not real homes
And work for your benefit before your death
And be not deceived by the abundance of friends and brothers

Strategy Of An Ascetic

Ali (radyAllahu`anhu) said,
The one who longs for Paradise will rush towards good deeds; the one who dreads Hell will put an end to his vices; the one who has a firm conviction in [the imminent arrival of] death will lose all his passions; and the one who really knows the dunya will find disasters easy to bear.


An ascetic said;
There are five obstacles to attaining God­consciousness (taqwa),
and only the one who overcomes these will attain it – choosing hardship
over ease, exertion over rest, lowliness over pride, silence over idle talk, and
death over life.