When Hearts Decay

Our hearts decayed like dead,
While knowledge on fiction and fantasy.
Eyes shown a curtained show,
A vision of what’s fed.
Bombs drop like rain,
leaving blood instead of water.
Armored in their fortress,
playing the game of slaughter.
Greed is a curse,
what a curse!
It knows no innocent or weak,
or has feelings or pays heed.
What would satisfy the thirst?
If not death of women and children.
How come we became animals,
and animals became us.
Rotting like rats, feeding on each other.
Fahed Tarmoom

4 responses to “When Hearts Decay

  1. We live in a sad world. Killing of woman and children is common in our world. Time for the internal conflicts to stop. To me. Brother killing brother is a large sin against belief and people. Overbearing nations need to stay home. Quit selling the bullets and guns of death to nations in turmoil. It will take all belief and race to find the door to peace. I hope and pray for better days. A powerful poem. Caused reaction and thoughts.

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