Supplications Of A Dead Heart

Ibrahim ibn Adham was asked about the saying of Allah the Exalted,And Your Lord said, Supplicate to me and I will answer your supplication.’ “We supplicate but our prayers are not answered!” He said, “Your hearts have become dead due to ten things – you have known Allah but have not fulfilled His right; you have read the Book of Allah but did not abide by it; you proclaimed enmity of Satan but made him your guardian and protector; you claimed love of the Messenger but you left his path and his Tradition (sunnah); you claimed love of Paradise but you did not work for it; you claimed fear of the Hellfire but did not renounce committing sins; you claimed that you believed that death was a reality but you did not ready yourselves for it; you busied yourselves with the faults of others and neglected your own faults; you eat from the sustenance that Allah provides for you but do not show gratitude; and you bury your dead ones but do not take heed from it.”

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